Supporting and encouraging consistent and quality investigations in all missing person and unidentified bodies cases, by integrating police, coroner and public information. 
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NOTICE: The missing persons and unidentified remains case information on the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) website may not be current. The OPP is in the process of migrating all missing persons and unidentified remains case information to the new National Centre for Missing Persons and Unidentified Remains website.   For further information, please visit ( Thank you for your patience. We apologize for any inconvenience caused during this transition.


Caution: Images contained in this website may be disturbing to some viewers. Reasonable effort has been made to present images in a way that is not offensive or uncomfortable for the viewer, or disrespectful of the deceased. Images may include retouched facial photographs and photographs of tattoos and distinguishing physical features. The website also contains facial reconstructions and composite sketches. These images may not always resemble the person as they actually appeared during life and should be considered an approximation of their appearance. In consideration for the deceased person and their relatives, we would ask those accessing this website to not disseminate the images contained herein.
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